Best Things to Do in Cameron Highlands on a Short Trip

things to do in cameron highlands

Cameron Highlands is a beautiful example of God’s creativity in blessing the land with a heaven-like surrounding and greenery. If you are willing to discover the beauty of this hill station in Malaysia, then prepare yourself for a walk in the serene and peaceful valley of nature. You shall feel relaxed in this calm ambiance, much away from the noise and pollution of the big cities. There are a lot of things to do in Cameron Highlands, which will give you a unique experience for your entire life.

Essential Things to do in Cameron Highlands

If you have planned your vacation, then at first consider what are the things to do in Cameron Highlands, especially if you are coming here for a short time period. We have jotted down the top essential things for your convenience:

Boh Tea Plantation Site

Boh Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlands has been operating since 1929, which is basically a company owning the beautiful tea gardens. Missing its exploration is not one of the suggested things to do in Cameron Highlands. When you shall take a tour of the Boh Tea Plantation, you shall also get the chance to explore Habu Tea Garden, Fairlie Tea Garden and Sungai Palas Tea Garden. Furthermore, you shall also learn about the entire tea packaging processes and will also enjoy tea with delectable cakes whole week, except for Mondays.

You can also book a tour of the Boh Tea Plantation site from here.

Climb the Mount Brinchang

One of the thrilling activities to do in Cameron Highlands is to reach the top of Mount Brinchang. Just tight up your seat belts for the exciting adventure to the Gunung Brinchang, which is an ultimate experience worth to remember. You can take a guide with you or go on your own as there are navigations given to help you on your way.

On the top of the mountain, you shall find a car park having a steel tower. You shall be amazed to see the breathtaking views and feel the cool breeze. Check out this YouTube video to witness the serene beauty of Mount Brinchang.

Visit Strawberry Farms

In Cameron Highlands, you shall come across a large number of plantation and fields, as the temperature here is ideal for the agricultural purposes. You will get to explore a large number of vegetable farms here, which include cabbage, spinach and cauliflower. However, this hill station’s main beauty and value are the strawberry farms. Don’t forget to miss Big Red Strawberry Farm, where you can not only explore, but also pluck and eat the fresh juicy strawberries.

Try a Steamboat Cuisine

The most exciting eating out places you could have ever-experienced is the unique Chinese Steamboat, where you shall find a number of restaurants, serving delicious cuisines. The specialty of this Steamboat Cuisine is a dish having meat, vegetables, noodles, all mixed with a Chinese soup in a huge pot.  You can come here daily and eat at one of the several restaurants here. For more information, you can checkout best steamboat in Cameron Highlands.

Stay at a Comfortable Hotel or Resort

No matter what you do, but you for sure need a comfortable place to stay in Cameron Highlands, where  you can come and rest after a tiring exploration day out. You can choose to stay at Equatorial Hill Resort, which offers exotic views of the entire highland. Hotel Rosa Passadena is also a good choice, from where you can easily go for a tour of other tempting attractions nearby. The Country Lodge Resort is found quite near to the Parit Waterfall and Cactus Valley, so you can even choose this comfy resort. All resorts and hotels in Cameron Highlands offer warm hospitality and their staff serve guests with the best of their efforts.

Now don’t think too much plan your holidays in Cameron Highlands accordingly and have a great vacation. However, if you are here for a long vacation and need to know more about other attractions, then you can read Top 10 activities to do in Cameron Highlands Malaysia.

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