Top Must Things to Do in Melaka During Your Trip

things to do in melaka

Melaka is renowned for being one of the perfect tourist spots, offering a large number of options to explore, learn new things and have a great time. But to decide where to go first is really difficult to decide, especially when you are on a very short trip to this ultimately beautiful place. Melaka has the honor of being one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites in Malaysia, which makes it evident that the historical sites here are a must-visit.

Best Things to Do in Melaka

We have thus, prepared a list of must-things to do in Melaka for your ease. This will assist you in planning your trip accordingly and you shall never regret that you have missed out something really important. Read on to know about them:

Take a River Cruise Ride

Don’t forget to miss out the ultimate fun! Get on the River Cruise Melaka and sail on the beautiful Melaka River. This river basically links two different parts of the city, flowing beside different streets, especially along the famous Jonker Street. During your ride, you will also get to see the Ferry Wheel. You will feel like floating on the river between streets just like you have seen in Venice. So, mark this ride at the top of your things to do in Melaka list.

Walk in the Jonker Street

Never ending fun and ultimate excitement awaits tourists at Jonker Street Malacca. It is an ideal place for Shopaholics and foodies to shop and dine in at one place with their family and friends. You can enjoy on weekdays too, but weekends are the best time to visit this place. Being a renowned street in Melaka, it is also being referred as Jonker Walk Melaka Experience. Just visit this place once and you shall be convinced with the reasons behind its popularity.

Visit the Historic A Famosa Fort

Exploration of A Famosa Fort is highly recommended, if you have an interest to know about ancient heritage. This place serves as a reminder of the time when the Portuguese came to Malaysia. A Famosa Fort depicts a short story of the late 16th century and while you explore around, you shall feel that you are back in that tie too. Also, you shall find some fixtures that were once utilized by people of the 15th century and so on. There are no fences or boundaries around the fort, so everyone is allowed to explore things hassle free.  Furthermore, you can also visit the A Famosa hill and visit St Paul’s Church.

Take a Selfie at The Dutch Square

The Dutch Square also renowned as the Stadthuys Melaka, is among the must things to do in Melaka for tourists. It has been referred or named as Dutch Square and Red Square, because it represents the Dutch architecture. It is an ancient Dutch building, which was constructed again having a huge city hall used for public meet-ups. It was constructed in 1650 by the Dutch people here in Malaysia so don’t forget to take a selfie at this iconic tourist attraction of Malacca.

Nearby you can also explore the 18th century Christ Church Melaka, Melaka River, Jonker Street, Malaysian Youth Museum, Melaka River Cruise, Maritime Museum, Cheng Ho Culture Museum and another beauty of this square Queen Victoria’s Fountain.

Eat out at the Best Café in Town

How is it possible that you come to this ideal tourist spot and miss out the scrumptious food, served here at the best cafes? You shall find a large number of cafes in Melaka ready to serve the most delicious food ranging from Malay, Chinese, Local, Indian, Western and etc. You just name the food and you shall find it here easily.

Among the many best cafes in town you can choose to eat at Hard Rock Café, Calanthe Art Café, Mods Café, Discovery Café, Casa De Café and Geographer Café.

Refresh yourself at an Authentic Spa

Getting yourself refreshed at a top class spa is among the many needed things to do in Melaka. Spas here use effective techniques and therapies to help rejuvenate yourself from stress and get your body, mind and soul completely relaxed. Therapists at spa hold years of experience and have mastered skills in providing the best treatment. You can opt to visit the best spas in Melaka which include Scents and Senses – A Touch of Thai, Envy Wellness, Philea Resort Spa, Spa Village Melaka and Massa Sutra the Art of Massage.

Hence, if you are on a short trip, this small guide will assist you in visiting the best places in Melaka city, without any hassle. Hope you have a great time and if you want to know about various other activities, you can read this comprehensive list of 20 exciting activities to do in Melaka.

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